Production Of Safety Signs

Our Safety Signs in compliance to Singapore Standard 508 Part I and Part 3:

  • Safe Condition (17 types)
  • Fire Safety (8 types)
  • Prohibition Signs (15 types)
  • Warning Signs (36 types)
  • Mandatory Signs (15 types)

Greencross constantly seeks better understanding of the human factors that industry faces in its accident prevention programme and this knowledge results in our safety signs to assist Management in it never ceasing quest for safety.

The correct use of sign designs, colours and safety meaning for safety signs can help employees in quick identification of hazards and also lead to standardization of the signs. Singapore Standard 508: Part 3: 2004, Page 9 Specification for graphical safety symbols - safety colours and safety signs.. "lack of standardization may lead to confusion and perhaps accidents".

All our standard safety signs are reverse silkscreen printed on polished plastic for a high quality and durable finish. We have signs ready from stock or signs to order according to your company's needs. Contact us today for the catalogue and quote!