Implement Incident Management Process (IIMP)

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Course Overview

Implement Incident Management Process (IIMP) covers the skills and knowledge required to implement the incident management process during an emergency incident. The unit covers the approach, structure, tools, processes, communication methods that can be utilized during an emergency incident.

Course Contents

  • SCDF CERT Audit
  • Managing incident in your premises
  • Fundamentals of Incident Management
  • Public and media relations during a crisis
  • Interpret incident management approach and structure to ascertain the scope and severity of the emergency
  • Utilise incident management areas and processes to implement emergency response strategies
  • Utilise appropriate communication methods when managing an incident to control all internal and external resources
  • Control and maintain incident management process to assess information on status of the emergency
  • Undertake post-emergency evaluation and debrief

Target Audience

This course aims to provide employees with the skills and knowledge required to design Implement Incident Management Processes. It is targeted at individuals who from all sectors such as:

  • Process Industry
  • Construction Industry
  • Hospitality Industry
  • Retail Industry
  • Healthcare Industry
  • Commercial Industry

The course would be appropriate for employees involved in the management of incidents during an emergency, particularly those from the High Risk Installations as well as for those with operational responsibilities such as:

  • Site Main Controller (SMC)
  • Site Incident Controller(SIC)
  • Company Emergency Response Teams - Fire Team (Fire Fighters), Medical Team (First Aiders), Spill Team, Evacuation Team (Fire Wardens), Rescue Team and Security
  • Fire Safety Professionals/Aspiring Fire Safety Professionals Managers
  • Top Management, Executives, Engineers, Supervisors, Technicians
  • Operation Managers and Heads of Departments of schools, institutions, polytechnics and universities
  • Anyone who handles incidents

Assumed Skills and Knowledge

  • Knowledge about relevant organizational emergency response plans, procedures, policies, etc.
  • Knowledge in emergency response concept.
  • Able to gather information and compile necessary data.
  • Possess basic knowledge in decision making processes and models.
  • Have communication skills using various methods and techniques.

Entry Requirements

  • No Formal Qualification

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