Respond to Fire Incident

Respond to Fire Incident 

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Course Overview

This training provides trainees with the essential knowledge and skills to function as a member of an emergency response team in order to implement the emergency response skills during a fire incident in workplaces.   This unit covers basic fire fighting, rescue techniques and procedures while being an Emergency Response Team member for workplaces that can be utilised during a fire incident in workplaces. 


On completion of this unit, the learner will have the knowledge and be equipped with the application skills and knowledge required to effectively respond to fire incidents. This includes:


  1. Introduce or reinforce the relevant legislations surrounding the formations and activation of CERT.
  2. Familiarize participants with the various possible fire hazards and the usage of fire protection systems in buildings.
  3. Instruct participants on correct methods to conduct initial fire-fighting using various extinguishing mediums.


Course Contents

Respond to Fire Incidents in Workplace aims to equip learners with the skills necessary to handle a relatively simple fire incident which might happen anywhere in the workplace. These skills will allow learners to handle a fire incident in a cool and calm manner, and execute steps to extinguish the fire.
The fire incident should be small and be simple to contain. In addition, learners will also learn the proper way to handle a fire extinguisher, and also learn about several precautions to take for fire hazards

This course will provide the CERT in the Public and Industrial premises (without or store below the exemption quantity of petroleum and flammable material) with the skills and knowledge required to effectively respond to fire incidents

1. Interpret emergency response legislations and guidelines

2. Identify fire hazard scenarios and conduct situation assessment

3. Demonstrate usage of fire protection systems in the workplace

4. Respond to fire incidents using various extinguishing mediums

5. Handover incident and provide operational assistance to the appropriate body

6. Practical - Fight incipient fires with hose reels and various types of fire extinguishers

Target Audience

The job role(s)/occupations that this unit would be relevant to may include: 

  1. Company Emergency Response Teams (CERT) from commercial, industrial and workplaces who are the first responders for incidents in their respective premises.
  2. Persons who want to be recognised as a competent person applying the emergency response skills during an emergency incident in workplaces.


Assumed Skills and Knowledge

  • Knowledge about relevant organizational emergency response plans, procedures, policies, etc.
  • Knowledge in emergency response concept.
  • Able to gather information and compile necessary data.
  • Possess basic knowledge in decision making processes and models.
  • Have communication skills using various methods and techniques.

Entry Requirements

  • No Formal Qualification

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